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    Measles vaccine recommended by WHO increased mortality in females 2-fold notes Peter Aaby, DMSc

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    Thursday, March 28, 2019 11:00 am Email this article

    In this 23-second video clip, Peter Aaby, DMSc, founder of the Bandim Health Project in West Africa, notes that they found that a new measles vaccine that was recommended by the WHO in 1989 increased the death rate in female infants 2-fold.

    He notes that, had it been implemented, the new measles vaccine would have caused an additional 500,000 female deaths in Africa.

    Peter Aaby is credited for the discovery of non-specific effects of vaccines – i.e. effects of vaccines, which go beyond the specific protective effects against the targeted diseases.


    In 1978, Peter Aaby, DMSc established the Bandim Health Project, 
a Health and Demographic Surveillance System site 
in Guinea-Bissau in West Africa, which he has run ever since.

    Peter Aaby’s group has also found that…


    “The live attenuated vaccines, 
measles vaccine, oral polio vaccine, smallpox vaccine and 
BCG vaccine, seem to confer 
more general protection against 
a broad range of pathogens.”

    “However, the non-live vaccines like diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine (DTP) have been associated with increased susceptibility to other pathogens, particularly in females.”

    That is, live-attenuated vaccines reduce the overall risk of death, whereas non-live vaccines increase the overall risk of death.

    The vaccine story 
is more complicated 
than what 
the CDC is telling us.

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