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  • Mini-fast with exercise program by Mark McCarty

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    Tuesday, August 09, 2011 1:20 pm Email this article
    Here is the exercise and diet protocol that is described in the study of the "mini-fast with exercise" described previously here.

    I cannot verify if this works or not, but wanted to post it for those who would like to try it.

    Thank you to David W. Pearce-Smith for sending me this article. The NutriGuard Leanness Program

    The NutriGuard Leanness Program : 3 Steps to Leanness

    The Nutriguard Leanness Program (NLP) is a safe and novel lifestyle strategy that promotes rapid fat loss by integrating optimal exercise training with proper food choices and “hepatothermic” nutritional supplementation.

    The intent of Nutriguard Leanness Program is to maximize your body’s utilization of stored fat, in the context of a low-fat diet.

    If you burn more fat each day than you ingest from your diet, you will go into “negative fat balance” until your body reaches a new leaner equilibrium.

    (Contrary to popular belief, very little ingested carbohydrate is converted to fat in the body; thus, most of the fat in your body derives directly from diet. However, excessive intakes of the wrong types of carbohydrate can block weight loss by inhibiting fat burning.)

    Hobbs: I agree. To me, this is the biggest myth in obesity research, that is that carbohydrates are converted into fat. They are NOT. See the interview with carbohydrate researcher JP Flatt here.

    A key goal of Nutriguard Leanness Program is to maximize your body’s utilization of stored fat during and for at least several hours following aerobic exercise.

    This is achieved by nesting each exercise session within a 12-14 hour “mini-fast”, as described below.

    Although this may sound difficult, your appetite will be well controlled in the hours following exercise if you have exercised and supplemented properly.

    An additional key strategy for promoting selective fat burning is to minimize your daily insulin secretion - within the context of a low-fat diet.

    This is achieved by choosing lower-glycemic-index carbohydrate foods, and by aiding efficient insulin function in skeletal muscle with regular exercise and a low-fat diet.

    Thus, the Nutriguard Leanness Program recommends food choices that are low in both glycemic index and fat content.

    In marked contrast to many programs that purport to achieve rapid weight loss, you will be getting a high proportion of your daily calories from whole carbohydrate-rich foods, high in fiber and nutritional value.

    In addition to reducing your body fat level, this program will help to correct the “fat poisoning” that underlies “insulin resistance syndrome”, a common metabolic problem that greatly increases risk for vascular diseases and certain common cancers.


    Step #1 : Exercise and Fasting

    1. Aerobic Exercise during a “Mini-Fast”


    Step #2 : Food

    2. Proper Food Choices: Low Fat/Low Glycemic Index


    Step #3 : Supplementation

    3. Hepatothermic Supplementation—(Section Left Out on Purpose)

    Hobbs: I left this section out on purpose because it promotes specific products.

    Hobbs: If you wish to read about them, the paper is posted here.

    You don’t need to do everything right all the time!

    If you can manage to exercise right, eat right, and supplement right the majority of the time, you can expect good results.

    Fat Loss vs.Weight Loss: Note that in the first few weeks of Nutriguard Leanness Program, lean mass can increase while body fat decreases.

    That means that body fat can decrease faster than body weight, so that your initial rate of weight loss may not be too impressive.

    After a month or more of Nutriguard Leanness Program, lean mass begins to decline as well, and weight loss tends to catch up with fat loss.

    So don’t obsess about your scale weight when beginning Nutriguard Leanness Program.

    To evaluate your progress on Nutriguard Leanness Program, it is best to have your body composition assessed periodically (by a personal trainer or physician) so that you can quantify your fat loss.

    A caution to diabetics: When using Nutriguard Leanness Program, monitor your blood sugar control as instructed by your doctor, and modify your medication usage as needed, with your doctor’s assistance.

    If injectible insulin or sulfonylurea drugs are active during a mini-fast and exercise, a hypoglycemic reaction could result - so work out a proper medication schedule with your doctor.

    Physician supervision is mandatory for diabetics!

    That’s all there is to it! No drugs or stimulants, no prolonged starvation, no calorie counting, no avoidance of health-promoting carb-rich foods.

    Nothing but fat-burning exercise, health-protective food choices, and safe, natural supplements.

    Remember: The NutriGuard Leanness Program is a healthful, sustainable lifestyle - not a quick-fix gimmick

    A Final Word: Let’s face facts - most people won’t be able to remain lean and insulin sensitive throughout life unless they are willing to make an abiding commitment to exercise; faddish diets and “magic” pills just won’t be enough.

    If you are willing to make such a commitment, why not exercise under circumstances that will optimize your capacity to burn stored fat?

    And, once you’ve gone to all that trouble, why would you want to eat fatty foods that put fat right back into your body? At its core, Nutriguard Leanness Program is just enlightened common sense!

    Acknowledgements: Nutriguard Leanness Program has been devised by Mark McCarty, Science Director of NutriGuard, with crucial insights contributed by two of his oldest and most esteemed friends, physical trainer Johnny Gustin and Austrian physician Dr. Babak Bahadori.

    Dr. Bahadori has developed a “7 Step Program” that is very similar in its essentials to Nutriguard Leanness Program, which has become an extremely popular and successful weight loss strategy in Austria and other parts of Central Europe.

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