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  • Sarah Silverman was prescribed 16 Xanax per day when she was 14-years-old

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    Sunday, May 09, 2010 7:29 am Email this article
    "When you were 14, you took up to sixteen (16) Xanax per day," Bill Maher said to comedian, Sarah Silverman, commenting on her new book about her life. (Xanax (alprazolam) is an anti-anxiety drug.)

    "By a doctor... a doctor prescribed it," Sarah replied.

    "I don't remember feeling anything."

    "I can't believe... that... you just... back then, but probably still now, that people don't question doctors at all...," Sarah continued.

    "This doctor kept upping my dose and upping my dose until I was taking four (4) Xanax, four (4) times per day... 16 Xanax a day."

    "I remember, I kept the empty bottles."

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    They are from an interview Bill Moyers did with Melody Petersen, author of Our Daily Meds: How The Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves Into Slick Marketing Machines And Hooked The Nation On Prescription Drugs.


    Former New York Times Journalist

    Melody former covered the drug industry for the New York Times

    Melody Petersen formerly covered the drug industry for the New York Times.

    Our Daily Meds : Some independent scientists now view the medical literature as propaganda

    Our Daily Meds : Drug studies in medical journals are often written by advertising agencies

    Our Daily Meds : We are being deliberately misled by drug companies says journalist Melody Petersen

    Our Daily Meds : 100,000 Americans killed each year by drugs taken as directed says Melody Petersen

    Our Daily Meds : Doctors often paid by drug companies to give speeches to other doctors—“It looks like independent science, but it’s not,” says Melody Peterson

    Our Daily Meds : People are taking drugs they don’t need according to author Melody Petersen

    Our Daily Meds : Half of antidepressant studies found the placebo worked as well as the drug

    Our Daily Meds : Some medical organizations are created simply to promote a company’s drugs

    Our Daily Meds : PTSD Alliance created by PR firm working for Pfizer to sell more Zoloft. (PTSD stands for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

    Our Daily Meds : There is a lot of pressure for the FDA to do what the drug industry wants it to do

    Our Daily Meds : The drug industry has two lobbyists for ever member of congress in the US

    Our Daily Meds : Drug companies are driven by profits, not by what is best for the patient

    Our Daily Meds : Most doctors take gifts or cash from the drug companies says author Melody Petersen

    Our Daily Meds : Book attacked in New York Post, but the critic is paid by the drug industry

    Our Daily Meds : Find a doctor who has thrown the sales reps out of his office says Melody Petersen

    Our Daily Meds : Drug companies make newer drugs look better by only publishing positive studies

    Our Daily Meds : Drug companies make newer drugs look safer by giving higher doses of older drugs

    Our Daily Meds : Drug companies make newer drugs look better by giving lower doses of older drugs

    Our Daily Meds : 65-80% of education for doctors after med school paid for by drug companies

    Our Daily Meds : American spending 17 times more on prescription drugs than in 1980 says Petersen

    Our Daily Meds : Americans spend more on medicines than 12 countries combined

    Our Daily Meds : Prescription drugs may have played a role in 26% of crashes of large trucks

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