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    Soft drinks in schools: 38-72% of schools have contracts to sell soft drinks

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    Thursday, November 04, 2004 6:43 am Email this article
    Thirty-eight percent of elementary schools, 50 percent of middle schools and 72 percent of high schools have contracts with companies to sell soft drinks according to the Institute of Medicine's report on Childhood Obesity (2004, p. 313). 92% of schools with contracts receive a percentage of sales

    Of the schools with contracts, 92 percent receive a percentage of the soft drink sales, and 24-57 percent receive sales incentives from the companies.

    38% of schools with contracts allow soft drink advertising in school

    Thirty-eight percent of the schools with soft drink contracts allow the companies to advertise soft drinks in the school.

    23% of schools allow promotion of candies, fast food and soft drinks with coupons

    Twenty-three percent of the schools allow promotion of candies, fast food and soft drinks through coupons.

    25% of schools prohibit or discourage faculty from using items as rewards

    Twenty-five percent of the schools prohibit or discourage the faculty and staff from using candies, fast food and soft drinks, or coupons for them, as rewards.

    Read The Report For Free On-line

    You can purchase a copy of this report or read it for free a page a time on-line.


    Preventing childhood obesity: Health in the balance. Institute of Medicine. 2004 Sep 30, 482 pages.


    Institute of Medicine
    500 Fifth Street NW
    Washington DC 20001
    202.334.2352 phone
    202.334.1412 fax
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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